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ICSJ Alum Serving Others

When the Coronavirus Shelter in Place order was given in March 2020, individuals across Chicago were immediately isolated from friends and family. ICSJ Alumnus Rem Johannknecht immediately worried about his grandmother living in an assisted living facility in Lakeview. This concern led to immediate action.
Rem is currently a sophomore at Walter Payton College Prep. Working with peers, the team launched Connect Chicago to ease the emotional effects of social distancing policies. Through daily phone calls, over 50 volunteers built friendships and offered companionship to those in need.
In April, Connect Chicago expanded to offer free academic tutoring services to CPS students across the city. Rem and his team currently manage over 150 volunteers who foster meaningful relationships and bring positivity to lives affected by stay-at-home orders.
Rem reflects: "My time at ICSJ taught me that we are all called to serve others when we are able to. Now that I attend a public school with students from diverse backgrounds, I have a deeper understanding of the deep inequities that challenge communities around the City. 
Pulling from this foundation and knowledge, I recognized that it was impossible for me to sit on the sidelines; I gathered my team and we hit the ground running with a plan to provide aid without putting anyone's health in danger."
ICSJ School could not be more proud of Rem and his dedication to service. Thank you, Rem, for continuing ICSJ's service mission. We can't wait to see what you do next!
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