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Shark Tank Invades ICSJ

Sharks are commonly feared as the king of the ocean. But try telling that to dolphins, who in many cases evade or survive shark attacks using advanced speed, intelligence and team tactics to outmaneuver and escape sharks.

Such was the case in 7th Grade Math Shark Tank this spring. 7th Grade students met a special guest speaker from ABC's hit series, Shark Tank. Mike Doyle, the CEO of Rent Like a Champion, visited the ICSJ Hill Street campus to discuss his company and experience on Shark Tank. As part of their Proportional Reasoning math unit, ICSJ students studied equity, revenue and valuation. The ICSJ Dolphins teamed up as entrepreneurs to create companies and pitch their ideas to a formidable table of ICSJ sharks. Not only did the ICSJ Dolphins walk away unscathed, they also secured over $300,000 in financing!


ICSJ Dolphin concepts included:

Frutii Filter: a stainless steel water bottle with a fruit-flavored, powder filtration system

4Ever Gum: a 24-hour gum that never loses its flavor or hardens

The Splash: a voice controlled shower head complete with bluetooth connectivity and a built-in radio

Funtasy: a customizable and interchangeable funhouse for kids

ICSJ Shark investments ranged from $35,000 to $120,000 for 10% to 25% equity stakes. Well done, Dolphins - we know you will continue to blow these sharks out of the water!