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ICSJ utilizes multiple measuring tools to assess the achievement and ability of each student at every grade level. Day-to-day teacher assessments, combined with data gathered from standardized tests, offer a comprehensive picture of each child’s individual progress. Faculty uses this information to identify students who are in need of support or further challenge and alter lesson plans and personalized instruction accordingly. Parents are easily able to track their child’s progress throughout the year and receive clear, actionable feedback to ensure future success.


Parents are invited, twice each year, to a meet with classroom teachers regarding their child's progress. PreK families attend traditional parent-teacher conferences to review the current trimester report card, assessments, behavior, and overall progress. Kindergarten through Grade Eight students design and execute their own Student-Led Conferences twice each year. Using a collection of their work throughout the trimester, students present their growth and areas of opportunity to both parents and teachers. As a three-party team (student - parent - teacher) future goals are set and monitored throughout the year. Parents are also welcome to schedule additional time with the faculty as needed.

As a testament to our challenging curriculum, our students' standardized test scores have traditionally scored in the top 10% of the nation. ICSJ students continue to perform not only higher than the national average but also score higher than the Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic School averages.