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Booster Club

March Madness Viewing Party
Please join us for a fun watch party for the the first round games!
Where: Theater on the Lake (2401 N. Lake Shore Drive
When: Friday, March 22. Doors open at 11:00AM but will be there later
How much: $20 entrance fee (all food and drink is 50% off!)

Calcutta Auction Event


A Calcutta auction is an open auction of all 64 teams in the March Madness tournament.  Bidding for each team begins in random order, with only one team being bid upon at any time. Accordingly, participants bid among themselves to "buy" each of the teams, with each team being assigned to the highest bidder. The team will then pay out to the owner a predetermined proportion of the pool depending on how it performs in the tournament.  


When: Monday, March 18th arrive at 6:30, auction starts at 7 PM.


Where:  Butch McGuire’s - 20 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60610  

    Food/Drink:  McGuire Mondays - 

Entire food menu starts at $10 or less including a Half Rack house made Baby Back Ribs!

$5.50    Goose Island Old Man Grumpy

$5         Breckinridge Amber Ale

$5         Tullamore Dew


Create your consortium now or be a solo owner!



We are running a March Madness Squares Pool as a fund raiser for the ICSJ Athletic Booster Club.  This pool is open to all friends and family, so let anyone you know that may be interested in playing.


How the pool works

The pool is displayed on a 10 x 10 grid with numbers along both the top and left side of the page. The top row of numbers represents the Winning Team and the side row represents the Losing Team. The numbers are not actually placed on the top and side until all the squares have been sold. Once filled, numbers are drawn out of a hat and placed left to right along the top of the grid, and top to bottom down the side of the grid.


The object of the pool is to have your name in the square that matches the final score of each game in the tournament.  The numbers you have are for all 67 games in the tournament.  That is 67 chances to win, every game counts!  Please note that the digit used is always the second number. For example, if the score at the end of the game is 63-57, the winner is the person that has the square that has Winning Team with 3 and Losing Team with 7.  The payouts for each round of the tournament are below.


Squares are being sold for $50.


Winnings Payout Structure


Number of winners

Payout Per Square/Winner

Total Payout

First Four




First Round




Second Round




Sweet 16




Elite 8




Final 4









To participate, email Mike Rothgery at with the square number(s) you want to occupy. If you do not specify, we will give you the next open square starting with square 1. In the email, please include the name and email address of the person purchasing the square and the name you want in the square.


A link to Give Central will be sent to you for payment.  Payment must be received within 3 days of receiving the link.


*Note - Once the grid is complete and the numbers are drawn, we will email you a PDF of the completed grid so that you know what combination(s) you were drawn.  The final grid will be sent no later than Tuesday, March 19th and will be available here.  Good luck!




GET YOUR Dolphin Season Tickets! 


Show your support for ICSJ Athletics by purchasing a 2018-19 Season Ticket! A season ticket includes admittance for your entire family into all ICSJ home volleyball and basketball games, plus complimentary Dolphin Dollars. Purchase tickets online (click link on right side of pageor at home games. 

Two Donation Levels:
$100 -- Admittance for your entire family into all ICSJ Home Games & (2) Dolphin Dollar cards to use at Concession stand
$250 -- Admittance for your entire family into all ICSH Home Games & (4) Dolphin Dollar cards to use at Concession stand


BUY Your  Dolphin Dollars!
No more nickel and diming at games. Purchase your $10 Dolphin Dollar Punch Card at any home game and receive a FREE popcorn!


ICSJ Coaches Fund
Please support the dedication of talent and time toward mentoring our student-athletes by our numerous athletic coaches. Donations will be collected at the end of each sports season (Fall, Winter and Spring).   


Tax-Deductible Donations
Tax-deductible donations are welcome throughout the year. Kindly make checks payable to "ICPA" and write "Booster Club Donation" in the memo. Cleary mark your envelope "To: Booster Club" and send it to the ICSJ School Office (either campus). Donations can also be made via the Give Central website.


About the Athletic Booster Club
The Athletic Booster Club's Mission is to promote school spirit, provide financial support and raise awareness for all ICSJ athletic programs.

The Athletic Booster Club fully funds study hall between school dismissal and practice time for all players across all sports. Funds are also used to help pay for uniforms, equipment, guest speakers, clinics, players & coaches apparel, post-season wrap parties and the 7th/8th grade banquet.

The Athletic Booster Club raises funds three ways: through donations, by operating concessions at home games and by hosting fundraising events. We hope you will consider participating in events such as the Back to School Bags Tournament, the Season Ticket program, the Super Bowl Square Pool, and the NCAA Tournament Bracket among others. 
Dolphin Season Tickets!
Show your support for ICSJ Athletics by purchasing a 2018-2019 Season Ticket! The Season Ticket includes admittance for your entire family into all ICSJ home volleyball and basketball games, plus complimentary Dolphin Dollars. Purchase tickets online or at home games.


For more info on Season Tickets or Dolphin Dollars, click the links below.