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High School Matriculation

The proof is in the numbers. 95% of ICSJ’s most recent graduating class were accepted by their first choice high school. Year after year, our students gain acceptance to the most selective and competitive high schools in the Chicago area. Our comprehensive approach to developing academic prowess, critical thinking skills, and fostering the growth of each student beyond the classroom, poise our graduates for years of success in high school and beyond.


Throughout their time at ICSJ, students and families are being prepared to matriculate to the best high schools in Chicago. Beginning in 1st grade, students are exposed to both the NWEA MAP and ACT Aspire standardized tests. Not only do these tests familiarize students with the test taking environment, but results provide key data to monitor student progress, set individualized student goals, and and personalize future instruction.

In the fall of sixth grade, ICSJ students participate in Catholic High School Days. Representatives from the top Catholic High Schools in the Chicago area visit our ICSJ campus to inform students about their programs. It is at this stage where our students begin building their specific high school goals.

Then, in seventh grade, each student and his/her parent(s) meets with ICSJ’s full-time counselor to weigh their high school goals against their transcripts and tests results.  The counselor works with the family to develop strategies to achieve the student’s education goals. Through advisory classes, eighth grade students learn to create a resume, write a personal statement, and practice skills required to ask adults for written letters of recommendation.

ICSJ partners with BEC Tutoring and PEACE Educational Consulting to provide test preparation courses for students. ICSJ integrates test taking strategies and academic goal setting into its curriculum, and the school’s superior standardized test scores are a testament to a rigorous curriculum that educates the whole child.